Kiara Hunter is a dedicated artist with formidable stage presence and is busy on her follow up second CD after releasing her popular debut pop album “We Can Play”. Kiara is currently working with several dance/R&B/rock producers writing and co-producing songs that reflect her inner passion.

Kiara’s turning point came when she found herself touring with Virgin Record’s hot girl-group ‘Atomic Kitten’. For the energetic Vancouver native, the 22-venue U.K. tour had her singing to over 60,000 screaming fans throughout the United Kingdom propelling her single ”Believe” to #9 on the European dance/pop charts, ahead of Whitney Houston and Holly Valance.
The song would go on to be a favorite throughout European clubs and radio stations and is one of three songs from her CD, “We Can Play” to be featured on the original soundtrack of the Stephen Baldwin and Peter Gallagher film “Protection” for Alliance-Atlantis.
Written in collaboration with Grammy Award winning producer Ian Prince, who worked with artists such as Quincy Jones and Joy Enriques, plus Juno-nominated producer Chin Injeti (Snow, Maestro, The Barenaked Ladies), the “We Can Play” CD is a mesmerizing blend of relentless rhythms intermingled with Kiara¹s sultry voice. An expression of her infectious energy and driving personality, the CD was released on radio in Canada and the United Kingdom, while the video for “Believe” was seen on Canada’s Much Music.

Below are nine, 45 second clips from the entire “We Can Play” album co-written and with backgrounds and leads sung by Kiara.

“It starts with a feeling….yeah….going to a place you know…being free and letting go… when you’re feeling like your life is passing you by….hang on to every dream you’ve ever kept inside……believe in yourself….” Excerpt from the song “Believe”