Throughout my life I have always found charity to be one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever felt in my life. I began sponsoring a couple of children from World Vision ten years ago and now I have six more! For thirty dollars ($30) a month or one dollar ($1) a day you can enrich and help a young child’s life so much. By sponsoring these needy kids that are all over our world, you have the ability through your love to change their lives for the better. They can go to school, gain confidence and learn social skills. I can’t emphasize enough how great it feels to make such a difference in another human’s life. To read their letters and see how well they were progressing was a fantastic thing. One dollar a day can help so much. There are two organizations I use that are very reputable and credible. There are so many children out there yearning for someone to help them. Please sponsor a child today. and

I am also a huge environmental advocate. I am truly obsessed with trees and nature so growing up in British Columbia with our natural Rainforests and Rocky Mountains allowed me to really know what nature can do for your spiritual well being and sense of peace. I’m so proud of BC’s continual effort to help save our trees from deforestation. There’s a wonderful BC based environmental networking organization that has 1500 environmental groups all over Canada that you can make donations to. It’s a wonderful site. Check it out and help keep our environment beautiful and safe, the way Mother Nature intended it to be. We’ve only got one shot! There is also an amazing man by the name of David Suzuki who works to help solve global warming, protect human health, conserve our oceans and promote global consciousness. Check out . I have been supporting this organization for many years and love David’s passion.

I will be highlighting different charities at different times so check back often – as Martin Luther King Jr. said “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”


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