‘Huntergirl’ creator Kiara Hunter has finally finished her 16 page inked and colored comic book. The ‘Huntergirl’ comic book is a futuristic Joan of Arc/Bladerunner action love story that revolves around a post apocalyptic time. Kiara is currently shopping her concept and story to Comic Book Publishers and Video Game Developers. 

Kiara Hunter has been cast as the lead actress in the short film entitled “The Plate” schedule to hit the festival circuit later this year. “The Plate” is a story about love, marriage, and dirty dishes. Kiara stars as ‘Alice Ray’, the wife of David Lewis’s ‘Maxwell Ray’. They are the only two actors in this film.

“The Plate” is a life story that dives into an unravelling marriage of insecure love and candy-coated realities. Whether it's over an issue of infidelity or simply putting your dirty plate in the dishwasher after a meal-there is a level of tolerance that rises or plummets with each moment. Stand up and be heard or sweep it under your endless carpet covering up your pursuit of "perfection".

Kiara Hunter is a multi talented artist with formidable international presence as a film and television actress, a chart topping singer/songwriter and comic book series Creator. What she produces is an eclectic and original style that is as authentic and real as Kiara herself.

Kiara Hunter's exciting science fiction and fantasy "Huntergirl" comic book series is ready to launch and begin its journey into pop culture. With several Comic Book Distributors and Publishers already interested and
the famous "Comic Con" in San Diego being organized, Kiara is elated that her creation, which has taken many arduous years, has finally come to fruition. "This is a great moment for me with "Huntergirl" coming to life. I am thrilled to be sharing the accolades of "Huntergirl" with everyone – the message behind her journey will provide enlightenment and hope for all of us who 'believe'."

Constantly seeking new challenges, this multi-talented actress is also enjoying popularity and success as an established singer-songwriter. Kiara opened for Britain’s hot girl group, the Atomic Kittens on a 22 city tour of the U. K., propelling her single “Believe” to #9 on the European dance/pop charts.

Distributed by EMI, her debut CD “We Can Play” co-written with Grammy Award winning producer Ian Prince and Juno-nominated producer Chin Injeti (Snow, Maestro and The Barenaked Ladies) sold substantial units as an independent artist.

A highly recognized Vancouver entertainer, Kiara_s first taste of the film business came doing stunt work for Disney and Universal Studio films as well as being Demi Moore’s body double in “We’re No Angels” starring Robert DeNiro and Sean Penn.

Before long, Kiara was fully immersed in acting classes in Los Angeles, studying with Janet Alhanti, Corey Allen and Milton Katselas. Her dedication to acting soon began to yield results as she landed her first significant role in a TV movie of the week “Blackmail” starring Susan Blakely, followed by a significant role in the first season of Chris Carter_s popular “X-Files”.

Her first lead role was in the action thriller “Dangerous Prey” followed by playing the wife of Lorenzo Lamas in the film “Mask of Death”. Her natural ease in front of the camera, combined with her ability to play physically demanding parts, led to a supporting role opposite Dennis Miller, as a deadly vampire in the “Tales from the Crypt: Bordello of Blood” and across from C. Thomas Howell in “Sleeping Dogs”.

Looking for more television roles, Kiara landed a 5 episode deal with Tribune’s popular “Nightman” playing a sassy body guard for successful Canadian actor Kim Coates. Building on this success, she earned another Lead in the Dennis Hopper and Michael Madsen film “LAPD – To Protect and Serve” followed by a substantial role in the 100th Anniversary episode of “Stargate” and Jim Wynorski’s film “Sub Zero” with Costas Madylor. Kiara is enjoying her status as a strong and committed actor taking on another lead in “The Thing Below” starring Billy Warlock and as the headliner for the sci fi thriller “Alien Incursion” that has just recently been picked up by the Sci-Fi Channel in the States.

Kiara was born and now resides in Vancouver while supporting business and charity projects in India as well as in Canada. While in negotiations for other international films, she is looking forward to supporting and breaking new ground with English speaking projects in the ‘Bollywood Film Industry’.

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